Sustainable travel around the Philippines

In recent years, the Philippines keeps crossing my radar - and one interesting aspect is that it has been actively attempting to promote its green spaces and nature attractions to tourists. Just as in some of the more popular destinations around the world, South East Asia too has fallen prey to … [Read more...]

Ecotourism and Responsible Travel – Episode 118 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Five years ago I knew pretty much nothing about responsible tourism. If I'd been in a situation where I'd be offered the chance to ride an elephant, I would have done it. And I think lots of us are in that boat - it's an issue which has been discussed so much more in recent years and we've all … [Read more...]

Thailand, elephants and combining them right

I've been meaning to write about Thailand, and elephants, for the longest time, but this week I got to interview my lovely friend Diana of DTravelsRound for the podcast and of course I asked her to talk about some of her experiences with elephants in Thailand. She's the whole reason I got interested … [Read more...]