Organised tours of Europe and my concession that sometimes, some are OK

I have never been a tour kind of girl. In fact, I searched the whole archive of Not A Ballerina to find any mention of the (very few) short tours I've taken and the only one I found was an overnight tour to Mt Fuji when I was living in Osaka. (Ominously, that didn't go too well - I walked down the … [Read more...]

Help: my partner doesn’t want to go travelling

Lots of readers write to me for advice and a lot of the time they have some reason why it's difficult for them to go travelling - and one I get asked quite often is what to do if their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't share their wanderlust. I bet you can already guess what my answer is: go … [Read more...]

Where should my friends travel in Europe – not the normal spots

When you're a travel blogger, you tend to get quite a few messages from random people with questions about a trip they're planning - and I like answering them - but what is even more fun is when a good friend asks for some tips! I got this text message from my friend Susannah last week, who's … [Read more...]

Could I be a digital nomad? Should you? Advice for a reader.

I got a long email from a 19-year-old reader named Dylan this week. It is full of questions about travelling and working as a "digital nomad" - someone who works largely online, and can be anywhere in the world but still able to work. I'm certainly not location-independent in my work yet - most of … [Read more...]

Birthdays abroad and at home, and asking a favour of Not A Ballerina readers

It's my birthday today!Being here in Australia, this particular birthday (my 38th, if you're curious) may not be particularly distinguishable from my 37th and 39th when I look back in future years. But I remember my 28th birthday, exactly ten years ago, very, very well.I was living in Bratislava, … [Read more...]

Travelling jobs and back-home careers – my experience with ESL teaching and adult education

A few years back I wrote a post for Vagabondish about Why Travel is Good for Your Resume (you can go ahead and read it ... I'll wait!). I still stand by everything I wrote there 100% and it was that post that prompted a reader named Jasper to write to me with this question: You say that your … [Read more...]

Reader questions: Seeing practically all of Europe!

I love reader questions and when they're from people I know like up-and-coming graphic designer Amanda then it's even more exciting to help them out with their travel plans. Amanda and her boyfriend Trent are planning a big trip to Europe next year and of course I wanted to know more (helpful AND … [Read more...]

Reader question: There’s no place called home?

My biggest move ever: from my German home to my Australian homeI get quite a few emails from readers who have found my blog while looking for resources on reverse culture shock, and last week another reader, Allan, left a message on the Facebook page about surviving reverse culture shock - and he … [Read more...]

Tips for travel planning: My Tasmania workings

Ann from Likes to Write asked me a very good question recently: have I ever written a post about planning a trip? She was looking for tips as she plans a European holiday and since I'm just in the process of planning my (smaller!) trip to Tasmania, I realised I did have some tips to share - so here … [Read more...]

Relationships and long-term travel: A bad mix?

A Not A Ballerina reader named Kate just asked me a tricky question. But it's a good question, and as well as giving her (possibly not very helpful) my answer, I thought there might be some other good opinions out there to help her. Basically, her question is this:I have the travel bug and the huge … [Read more...]