Anne Frank House and super-memorable travel moments

I distinctly remember reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" as a child. It was one of those books that really stuck with me, probably because Anne, the narrator, wasn't so different to me - yet her life was extraordinarily different, through no fault of her own. When I visited Amsterdam I made a … [Read more...]

Dutch icons: Travel by tourist cliches, or is it real?

The Netherlands is a funny place. I mean that in the nicest possible way, but it's pretty unique for a reasonably small country that it has so many famous icons that people across the world would instantly identify as being from there: windmills, tulips, clogs and several kinds of cheeses, just to … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Flowers in the Netherlands

I've given you a peek at some of the magic of the Keukenhof Gardens before, but there's more. Much more! With a little boy whose favourite word is "flower" at the moment, I wish I could whisk him over to the Netherlands (oh, and adjust things to the right season) so he could spend a day saying … [Read more...]

T-shirt travel: Cricket in Amsterdam

This old, worn T-shirt (almost seven years old, I see now) is a souvenir from a rather unusual trip. I was living in Germany at the time, heard that Australia was playing in a short one-day cricket tournament in, of all places, Amsterdam, and drove over there for the weekend.The Dutch, more than any … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Cheesy, but great cheese in Alkmaar

I know (now) that they do it all for the tourists. But it's all about cheese, so why can't it be cheesy?! This picture is from my childhood visit to the Alkmaar cheese market in the Netherlands. It fascinated me and definitely provided some enduring memories - I'd never seen such a thing!The … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Other kinds of beaches in the Netherlands

Back in Australia, all I'd ever seen were long white beaches, with a few beachgoers scattered randomly along them. After just a few months in Europe I'd seen pebbles instead of sand, and now in the Netherlands these (to me, as a child) extraordinary things: basket-like cabins you could hire for the … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Spring’s sprung in the northern hemisphere

The web seems full of "spring has sprung" messages this week - for fairly obvious reasons, even if it is autumn where I live instead - so my time at the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands has come back to me. Tulips make me think of two things: my Mum, who would count these as her favourite … [Read more...]