Leaving friends in foreign places – stay in touch!

A recent post at the (beautifully-named) Farsickness blog talked about the problem of friendships when you live abroad. Not so much the friends you leave behind when you move abroad, but the friends you leave behind if you move on from your "new" home, and the friends (often fellow ex-pats) who also … [Read more...]

When living and leaving abroad makes you sad

Most of you will know that I've lived for short stints in Japan, Slovakia and Germany before returning to my home country, Australia. Japan was my first overseas home and leaving there was one of the saddest things I've done; leaving Slovakia and Germany was just marginally easier because I'd … [Read more...]

Life lessons from living abroad – what I learnt from Japan

Now and again, I hear from one of my foreign students about how their experiences living in Australia have completely changed their life. I always nod in agreement, because I remember how I felt after my first year in Japan - the world was such a different place. That feeling was only reinforced by … [Read more...]