Locals I’ve met: Real life examples of why I love meeting the locals when I travel

Meeting the locals when I travel is one of the aspects of being out there that I love the most. I think it's partly because I'm insanely curious about people in general (it's a genetic trait!) and partly because over the years, meeting local people on my travels has led me on all kinds of … [Read more...]

Things to do in Riga, Latvia: Because lots of people want to go there

I've been getting a huge amount of traffic from people searching for information on Riga, the Latvian capital, lately, and since the post they land on is really just a brief overview of my favourite parts of Riga, I decided it was worth going a bit more in depth here. I am a huge fan of the Baltic … [Read more...]

Travel budgets in Riga and what else I loved in Latvia’s capital

(Looking for in-depth info on Riga? Check my detailed post on Riga, Latvia).If someone waved a magic wand so I could go back and spend longer travelling through an area than I got to the first time, the area I'd pick for sure would be the Baltic states. Although I've seen a reasonable amount of … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: Hopping through the Baltic States

When I was a kid in school, nobody mentioned Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania in geography classes - they were simply a part of the Soviet Union then, and it never really occurred to me that there were such distinct countries tied up in it. But when I backpacked through eastern Europe a few years ago, I … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Latvian port has pretty and not-so-pretty spots

It's not always the beautiful sights that catch my eye when I'm travelling. Sometimes it's beautiful words in ugly places. This ship was docked in the harbour at Ventspils, a key Latvian port. "Pretty Flourish"? I don't think so.You'll probably be glad to hear that the rest of Ventspils was a lot … [Read more...]