Best day trips from Basel, Switzerland – some travel daydreaming and planning

Need to know the best day trips from Basel? Read on! Researching and planning for trips is really an addictive activity for me. The more blog posts I read about my destination, the more I want to read. The more airbnb apartments I look up, the more I want to search for. The more train timetables I … [Read more...]

A decade ago in Paris, via Instagram

In my mind, I am still 25, so it seems impossible that I can say an entire decade has passed since the trip to Paris I'm going to describe for you today. (I guess I am not alone in this feeling, right?)Warning! Paris is a city of tourist cliches!Beware! Warning sign on the Paris Metro a decade … [Read more...]

New York vs Paris: That’s a whole lot of wonderful

There are cities like Perth, the one I live in. Not that many people across the globe know where it is; even fewer have been there. And then there are cities like Sydney, the one I'm sitting in right now at the airport, waiting for my flight to the Gold Coast. Sydney is a well-known city and kids … [Read more...]

Visiting the most visited countries, or not

The lovely Enduring Wanderlust blog just published a summary of the 10 Most Visited Countries according to recently released statistics on international tourist arrivals. I guess I'd never really given much thought to which countries would be on such a list - I'm the kind of traveller who prefers to … [Read more...]

Washing clothes in Strasbourg, or just looking for a web-cam

Back in the days where I was (for a brief time anyway) writing travel articles for print magazines, getting travel freebies and generally trying to become what I thought a traditional travel writer would be - before I discovered blogging - I found myself some pretty bizarre story angles.I'd got some … [Read more...]

Tourists and their expectations, or did the Eiffel Tower let you down?

Last week on my ABC radio spot we were discussing the topic of the expectations you have when you travel. In particular, we talked about some of the "big ticket" tourist attractions and how they often didn't - or couldn't! - live up to your expectations once you arrived.I have to say that on the … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: My first visit to the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of those world-recognised tourist icons, and in fact Wikipedia claims it's the "single most visited paid monument in the world"; it's almost a cliche to visit it these days, and some "real travellers" advocate skipping the tower completely. Not me. And here I am on my very … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: A striped campervan in a Paris caravan park

I've never been one for fancy travel in luxury hotels or lazing around the pool at resorts, and if you look back to my childhood trip around Europe you will know why. We were spending six months in Europe, and we hadn't won the lottery or anything, so that meant we had to be budget travellers. And … [Read more...]