Why I’m not finished with Iceland yet

It's not just the hot dogs, not just the glaciers, not just the expansive, inspiring views. It's not even just the quirk of it all, or the fact that I listened to The Sugar Cubes before Björk went out on her own. I can't actually explain it at all, but what started as an intrigue about Iceland … [Read more...]

A three-day London layover with jet-lagged kids: Our suggestions

Are you friends with jet lag? I am not, but sadly as I live in Western Australia there are many destinations where jet lag can hit badly, and flying long haul to Europe is one of those times. I always try to build in a jet lag buffer to the start of these trips, and this time it was a … [Read more...]

Travel journal confession: I totally resented my trip diary and never finished it!

(Edit: My online course Travel Journal School is opening again soon for enrolments - you might like it!) Oh, irony of ironies. Some of you may know I have run a travel writing for fun course here in Perth for the last few years. I talk a lot about the best ways to write your travel journal so … [Read more...]

Legoland Germany reviews from a parent and child: we both LOVED it

If, like me, you are the parent of a child (especially, but not only, a boy) between the ages of four and ten, then you probably know the pain of standing barefoot on a stray Lego piece as you walk into the living room. So, think about the extreme level of that pain. Now think about the absolute … [Read more...]

To Eurail through Europe or not … and why I’m so glad I did

Back when I was planning our trip to Europe this year, I was in two minds about how to do the German/Swiss side of the journey. It was clear that a rental car for Iceland was pretty essential, but for the continental side I was tossing up renting a car or taking the train. Both have pros and … [Read more...]

Best day trips from Basel, Switzerland – some travel daydreaming and planning

Need to know the best day trips from Basel? Read on! Researching and planning for trips is really an addictive activity for me. The more blog posts I read about my destination, the more I want to read. The more airbnb apartments I look up, the more I want to search for. The more train timetables I … [Read more...]

Berlin museums for kids – planning my 2015 trip to Germany, with help

I'm busily planning for our next trip to Europe in the middle of this year, and I'm very excited that it will include a chance to return to Berlin, one of my all-time favourite cities (potentially my favourite city in the world - I'll test that theory out this trip). I've visited Berlin numerous … [Read more...]

The promise of great hot dogs in Iceland: An interview with Kari Gislason

In (further!) preparation for my trip to Iceland next year, I've been reading all kinds of Iceland-related stuff, and most recently it was The Promise of Iceland, by Icelandic-Australian Kári Gíslason. It's a gorgeous memoir about Kári's lifetime relationship with Iceland: without giving too much … [Read more...]

My adventurous plans for Iceland: Starting the itinerary ideas

Now that I've booked the flights to Europe to use some of the frequent flyer points I won at Problogger, I get to go into my very favourite mode: more detailed travel planning. Given that a totally new country to me, Iceland, is on the agenda, then that involves a lot of fun and fascinating … [Read more...]