How to make an Egyptian mummy for your child and to encourage them to love travelling

I am big on encouraging my son to want to travel. First, there is the selfish reason - I want him to be keen to come on all the trips I have planned while he's still young enough to need to come with us. And the unselfish one, of course, is that travelling to different places can teach him SO … [Read more...]

Two Egyptians and my privilege to travel: An important reminder

The travel blogging world has been paying a lot of attention recently to a post called No, Not Everyone Can Travel - A Bubble Burster, from Mina Mahrous's blog "Someday I'll Be There". Mina reminds us that most people in the world have only a fraction of the freedom and ability to travel that us … [Read more...]

Picture pirouette: Karnak Temple – my version of Egypt

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been thinking a lot about Egypt this week, with the very heavy-going political demonstrations happening in Cairo. I never made it to the capital during my brief trip to Egypt - I had a cheap package in a Red Sea resort and because of the restrictions on tourist … [Read more...]

Summer holiday destinations and my favourite beach trips

My last chat on ABC radio was a timely discussion of summer holiday destinations. Timely because last week here in Perth it really felt like summer here - we were in the pool every evening - whereas so far this week it feels like spring again and I've had to wear socks to bed several times. (Warmer … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: Almost not leaving Egypt

Just after starting work in Germany, I had the chance to escape to Egypt for a week. It was my one and only "resort holiday", borne out of the necessity of a last-minute booking summer peak and the simple desire to go somewhere warmer than what the Germans were calling summer. As far as resort … [Read more...]