Places in Bali that aren’t in the travel guides

I'm interviewing a guest today! Before I introduce her, my pre-amble ... you might remember that since I live in Perth, Western Australia, flying to Bali is actually quicker than even flying to Adelaide, the next closest capital city in Australia. This means that a huge number of Perth people visit … [Read more...]

Travelling helps kids: my son’s Bali experience with shyness and confidence

Travelling helps kids for so many reasons, and our recent Bali trip was good for my son for a reason I really hadn't expected - it helped him gain confidence and act less shy. Yay for travel! How travelling helped my shy preschooler become confident My son was four when we went to Bali a couple of … [Read more...]

Packing list for Bali or Penang or pretty much any tropical destination – and my new luggage

I have to warn you: I'm a pretty light packer. I've done a lot of independent travel which requires me being responsible for lugging my stuff around all the time and that taught me to be pretty frugal about what went on my packing list. (Although by my standards, my packing list for Bali recently … [Read more...]

Should experienced travellers go to Bali? A note from my own experience

Bail is one of the most popular destinations for Australian holiday-makers, and especially for people from Perth (my hometown) because it's basically the shortest flight you can take to get anywhere holiday-ish (apart from a few places within Western Australia which are gorgeous, but way more … [Read more...]

6 ways the Courtyard Seminyak helped me enjoy Bali

Bali, hey? I was never really planning to go there but when the chance kind of fell into my lap, I finally thought it was worth a shot. The Courtyard Seminyak was a new Marriott hotel, they were looking for bloggers to enjoy a few days there, and who was I to say no to an intriguing way to help the … [Read more...]

Bali for beginners: I’m a Perth girl who’s never been to Bali before

Here in the arguably-most-isolated city on earth, Perth, we are actually closer to Bali, Indonesia, than to the next Australian city. (I promise that's actually true: Bali is just over 2,600km away, and Adelaide is nearly 2,700km from Perth. There is really very little of anything in … [Read more...]