Exploring the rubbish bins and garbage trucks of Vienna – a new perspective on travel

I knew that this trip to Europe would be quite different to any other trip I've made there - I've never had a three-year-old in tow before and if you happen to know any three-year-olds you will know that they are quite a unique species. Curious (about particular things they want to be curious … [Read more...]

Exploring my “privileged places” and how Vienna’s stations confused me

I'm a big fan of Gretchen Rubin who writes and researches about happiness (what a lovely job!) and in her newest book Happier at Home a passage she quoted from historian Mircea Eliade really struck me. It's about what he names "privileged places": a man's birthplace, or the scenes of his first … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: The storks of Marchegg, Austria

During my wonderful year spent living in Bratislava, Slovakia, I hopped across the border to Austria numerous times. This was pretty easy to do given that I could see the border to Austria from my living room window, and that train fares from Bratislava to Vienna were just a few dollars.There were … [Read more...]

A European Christmas with my sister

Christmas is coming ... are you ready? This post is part of the update-old-blog-posts project, undertaken nearly 15 years in to my blogging journey! It covers my European Christmas experience back in 2005 and includes so many fun and fond memories. Sleigh Bells and Mulled Wine Seasons keep … [Read more...]