Nothing bad about Bad Wimpfen

Summer views over Bad Wimpfen
I’m a big fan of non-famous places. (Okay, I don’t mind New York or Paris either, but if I had to choose from one type or the other … give me the unknowns.) The town I lived in while working in German, Heilbronn, is pretty low on the fame factor itself, so if you head a little bit north to the village of Bad Wimpfen, then you’re really not anywhere famous.
And that is great! Bad Wimpfen is one of the prettiest German towns I’ve ever seen. It’s full of fairytale Fachwerk houses, skinny winding alleyways and cobblestone streets and is basically as German as you’ll get. It’s home to the Blauer Turm (Blue Tower), a great spot for views looking over the town (and the place where both of these pictures were taken, in opposite seasons, obviously!). 
Winter views over Bad Wimpfen
There are several excellent German-style restaurants in Bad Wimpfen – one with an entire menu consisting of Maultaschen, one of the local foods – and places for a good local beer or glass of local wine, and at Christmas time the place crowds up with German out-of-towners as they hang out at the Christmas markets there – my all-time favourite version, in fact. 
The truth is, I was so besotted with Bad Wimpfen that we spent the night of our wedding in a hotel here. And stayed again last year when we returned to Germany (bigger hotel this time with less creaking, winding stairs – great for atmosphere but no good for prams!). I have no doubt I will return there again and again, just as I did when I was still living in Germany.
You know, I’m not sure I should actually be telling you all about Bad Wimpfen. I don’t want a wave of foreign tourists to destroy my German paradise! Perhaps you could pretend you haven’t read this post? Danke!!


  1. We lived in Germany for a few years in the 1980’s. The first five months I didn’t have a job so finances kept us close to our city. We saw so many amazing places that were completely off the beaten track. We traveled quite a bit after I got a job to bigger and “better” places but those first few months were the best!

  2. Inspiring photos! I could just imagine staying here in December eagerly looking forward to the German Christmas Markets!
    Thank you for sharing!
    A good small town in Italy is Vicenza!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  3. @ Walking to China – I didn’t realise you’d live in Germany too – and those first few months do sound lovely – there are so many little surprises in Germany if you’re not following a guide book.

    @ Murissa, thank you! Oh yes the Christmas markets are really divine. Thanks for the Italian tip, will have to look into that!

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