Picture pirouette: Heviz Thermal Baths, Hungary

Heviz Thermal Baths, Hungary

I’m not sure how it’s happened that despite two thoroughly enjoyable trips to Hungary, I’ve never blogged about the country. I’m rectifying that with showing you a photo from what’s probably my favourite Hungarian experience – a dip in the Heviz Thermal Baths in the north-west. Pretty flowers, hey? Not so pretty when you unwittingly touch their roots with your toes while you’re trying to relax, but still. Although the weather looks a bit grey this was actually in summer – but it doesn’t really matter as these baths have a (natural) warm temperature usually around 33 C (and always above 26 C).

Heviz Thermal Baths, Hungary

This definitely rates as one of the prettiest places I’ve ever bathed – but the big winner actually goes to another Hungarian spot – you’ll have to wait to hear about that one. I’m feeling inspired to head off for a nice warm bath now instead of doing any more blogging!

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