The year of the bat and Halong Bay

So, I just discovered it is the Year of the Bat. I’m a sucker for “Year of the …” ideas and upon discovering that the UN team behind the Year of the Bat had gone all alliterative with their promotion, with slogans like “Bats are brilliant” and “bats are breathtaking”, I felt compelled to publicise this in case you hadn’t caught up with the news.

Sleepy fruit bat in Australia (maybe kind of cute?)

I’m an animal lover, but I have to admit that bats are not my favourites. Well, basically they creep me out. I try so hard to be brave but … eeek. I remember going into some caves in Halong Bay in Vietnam. Somewhere near the picture below. There was a creepy noise and someone soon told me there were probably dozens of bats hanging above me. I get shivers just thinking about it.

Halong Bay, Vietnam (no bats in picture!)

But, bats, I’m really sorry. It’s not your fault you’re not as cuddly as a koala or as bizarre as a platypus, so I’m going to really try to like you more. Considering we have over 90 different species of bats here in Australia (the lovely Australian Museum tells me so) I really should learn to deal with them. So, that’s my effort for the Year of the Bat.

Do tell me your sinister animal travel tales in the comments. And remind me to tell you about my Singapore snake encounter sometime.

[Thanks to nosha for the fruit bat pic, via Flickr CC]

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