Travels with friends: Penguins again, this time in the Galapagos

Back in my land of vicarious travel, this is what some of my friends have been up to recently … (what’s with the penguin theme, guys? Just picking one of my favourite animals to make me extra jealous?)

Wildlife in the Galapagos
I was green with envy when I heard my fiction writing friend Kristan was off to the Galapagos Islands. This is one place I really, really want to go but the cost from here is pretty prohibitive, so I’m going to have to wait until I find a richer husband (oops, did I say that out loud?!). Anyway, you can read about Kristan’s trip in several beautifully-written installments, El mar, La tierra and La gente (don’t worry, the posts are in English!). Don’t miss her video of a penguin swimming around her in the first post. Gorgeous! And the delightful words are what you get when you cross a fiction writer with someone who loves to travel. Enjoy!

Kristan getting close to a local on the Galapagos Islands

Eternal Beauty in Cyprus

My editor over at Europe a la Carte, Karen, recently had a holiday in Cyprus – a place I’ve long been keen to go to – I think I like islands and a visit to either Cyprus or Malta is high on my list when we next return to Europe. Her post about Aphrodite’s Rock fascinated me – it’s a beautiful coast, to start with, but there’s a rock where, so they say, you can swim around it and gain eternal beauty! Unfortunately Karen didn’t get the chance to do swim out there so we don’t know if it’s true ๐Ÿ™‚

Staying Still, Occasionally

My friend Nora (aka The Professional Hobo) is currently having a small pause in New Zealand – so some might say she is technically not travelling at the moment – but she certainly deserves a small pause when you read this post from her about her last four years of full-time travel. Remember to breathe as you read! I love that she’s put this post together and still has a good handle on all her various trips – if I went back to piece together a chronology of my travels over the last decade, I do have diaries and photos that would help, but it would be a bit of an exercise!


  1. Thanks for the link love! (And hee, “getting close to a local.”)

    Also, what an honor to be listed with these great bloggers. Aphrodite’s Rock looks beautiful, and WOW am I jealous of The Professional Hobo’s journeys.

  2. You’re welcome, Kristan. Yeah, I’m a little bit jealous of all of you this month!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Amanda! You’re a legend. Piecing together the chronology of my last four years of travels actually wasn’t that difficult….there’s the beauty of blogging about almost everything I do; there’s always a post about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You’re welcome too, Nora! Lucky you. I did my most complicated travels pre-blogging so it’s not so easy – but I must sit down and write my own chronology one day! You know, for when I’m really famous and people care about that one day I spent in Hiroshima in 2002 … (yeah right!)

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