Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, it’s our day today!

Yes, this picture is from Vietnam, but I’ve chosen it to illustrate my Australia Day post, because – look carefully – doesn’t it look like a map of Australia? Admittedly parts of the east coast seem to have dropped into the ocean and Tasmania doesn’t even exist (see note below), but it’s a half-decent approximation, right?

I know that in the United States, my little homeland is currently getting a great swathe of promotion in the form of G’Day USA: Australia Week, along with the screening of Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure. I only caught one episode of Oprah’s Aussie exploits where she claimed to be having dinner with some “typical Aussies” but they were  rich enough to have weekly parties at their place with staff and, well, if they’re typical Aussies then I’m suddenly very, very lower class in comparison!

However, what I did like is that the laidback nature we Aussies are proud of did come through. Australia is a really, really long way from most of the world, so I can understand that an Aussie holiday is a bit of a daydream people like to think about but rarely actually do – but really, it’s worth the journey. Come on down!

And now I’m off to celebrate Australia Day, our (slightly controversial) national day, with … well, with some Scottish friends. And my German husband. A multicultural mix which pretty much sums up Australia for me. Yay!

(P.S. I heard a great story this morning from Superwoman Traveller Charlotte: once she was celebrating Australia Day with Aussie friends (and others) in Mozambique; someone had carefully made a cake in the shape of Australia. Impressive, I must say, and something I wouldn’t even attempt! Anyway, someone came along and, perhaps in attempt to tidy the cake up before its big moment, picked up a chunk that had fallen off the bottom and ate it … the chunk was Tasmania! Oops!)


  1. fantastic picture amanda! the most important parts of australia are well defined – the west coast!
    i was also surprised at how opulently oprah portrayed us…not how we live! but happy that our friendly nature was on show

  2. Loving the story about Tasmania getting munched…. I hope you had a wonderful day Amanda.

  3. I agree Rach, the west coast looks fine doesn’t it!! Did you see the rest of the Oprah special – I just saw the taco night (very opulent!). Was the rest similar?

    AFW – yes we are still giggling about poor ol’ Tassie getting eaten!!

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