Picture pirouette: Christmas in Heilbronn, Germany

It’s almost Christmas. It’s the time I wish I was back in Europe and I could tour the Christmas markets. Oh, I miss them. So quaint, so cosy, so Christmassy! This gingerbread was hanging in the Heilbronn Christmas market in southern Germany. Tastes good and looks cute. What more can you want at Christmas time? Oh yes, they had a semi-live nativity scene with real animals, but unfortunately the donkey kept knocking over the crib and the baby Jesus ended up on the floor. Perhaps the donkey had been enjoying some of the local mulled wine, Gluehwein.


  1. Hi,I read your blog for first time and I am very Happy to find this blog becuase I love traveling but I can’t do it always like U 😉 but when I read your bolg I would been in trip with U:D
    I promise to follow your posts always:D

    Good Luck and Have nice time everywhere U R:D

  2. Thanks Minoo, glad you like it! Hope you get the chance to travel soon.

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