25 years ago in Europe: A musical in London to end the trip

And so our six months of campervanning around Europe sadly came to an end. For the last couple of weeks we rented a small flat (very small, as I remember) not too far from the Elephant and Castle tube station. As small girls we thought this was the funniest name for a station ever. As a big girl I still think it’s pretty hilarious!

Anyway one of our special treats before the trip was over – and something I still remember vividly to this day – was to go to a musical. My mother asked for advice at the ticket box about what we would enjoy the most and was advised away from Cats towards Starlight Express. This was probably the right advice. Starlight Express blew me away – all these people whizzing around (and through the crowd, more or less) on their rollerskates, fantastic songs, so much action – I’d never seen anything like it.

You can see us on the right posing for the camera – that man in the middle who also looks like he’s posing is a complete stranger. I just noticed him now for the first time! In any case, this was a great way to end our incredible trip.

Except it wasn’t quite the end … we also stopped over for a few days in Singapore on our way back to Australia. For some reason, I don’t have any photos from the Singapore stopover, but I remember visiting Sentosa Island. And then we were back home, back to our house, back to school, back to where pretty much nothing seemed to have changed. But my view of the world, my general knowledge and my thirst for travel had all changed forever. Thanks Mum and Dad for having the foresight to take us on this life-changing trip!


  1. you were so fortunate to experience all that amanda – something I know you will do with R and we would love to do with our boys too! your trip sounds so amazing. I really want my boys to be old enough to remember everything so vividly as you have.
    J worked at sentosa when we lived there in 2000 – 2002. I wonder how different it looked when you were there….

  2. I will miss your Europe trip posts. And not just for the chance to check out your funky wardrobe!

  3. @ Rachel, yes, I was definitely very lucky! On the topic of being old enough … my sister who was 7 says she hardly remembers anything at all. Still, we have already started taking young Mr R travelling and I think it’s also good for them to be used to it – and there are always old photos to jog the memory!

    @ AFW, have no fear, there is a new series in the making … we went round Australia in 1988! Therefore the wardrobe is still a little on the funky side (though I was 12 so had a little more mind of my own … maybe …)

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