Passport pirouette: Nearly missing Vietnam

When I took a holiday in Vietnam while living in Japan, getting my visa was a close shave. As if figuring out how to use the Vietnamese consulate in Osaka wasn’t tricky enough, they then didn’t work with the same efficiency I’d become accustomed to while living in Japan. My visa was issued not, as this sticker might suggest, a full week or more before my trip – as I recall, I got my passport back the day before I had to fly out.
As it transpired, I then got stuck in Bangkok airport (the old one) for about 12 hours. I remember being annoyed that the airline didn’t estimate up front it would take that long, but rather just kept extending the departure time by one or two hours – if I’d known I’d be there for 12 hours, I could have hopped on a bus and toured Bangkok, rather than only seeing the airport. All I remember about the airport is that I wasn’t surprised when I heard they were replacing it with a new one!
But enough gripes: in the end, I got to Vietnam, and had one of my best trips ever.


  1. Hello there,

    Were you trying to use the Vietnamese Consulate in Osaka? I’m having problems finding the place. Any help would be truly appreciated.


  2. Shea, Yes, I was using the Vietnamese consulate in Osaka … but I’m sorry to say it’s a few years ago now and I honestly can’t remember at all where it is! In fact I can’t even remember if we actually visited the consulate in person or if a travel agent organised it – I just remember there was a lot of confusion.
    Sorry and good luck!

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