Picture pirouette: The off-season in Monastir, Tunisia

My trip to Tunisia in 2003/04 was one of the highlights of my serious backpacking days. There’s so much to say about Tunisia – and I mean the public transport, cheap inns and cous-cous with the locals side of Tunisia, not the beach resorts that Europeans fly in and out of without seeing the country – that I don’t know where to start. But today the photos I took in the coastal town of Monastir attracted me. Above is part of the ribat, which as well as being a fascinating building is also famous for being used as a location in the Monty Python Life of Brian film. Below is the tourist-less beach of Monastir – I was there in the off-season, thankfully, because I much prefer this lone umbrella view to what might be seen in high summer.


  1. The umbrella pic is lovely. I took a minute to imagine the sound of the waves…

  2. Ooh, lovely idea Denae. I should have added a sound feed to that post! Or maybe it’s better for everyone to imagine their own favourite waves … 🙂

  3. Hey Amanda… just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your website.. I also really enjoy your writing on vagabondish.com.

  4. All-inclusive holidays were never my thing. I worked a while as a travel agent and never could understand that one can spend a ton of money for one or two weeks in a resort without getting to know the country.
    I love that umbrealla picture! Great shot.

  5. Fida, I couldn’t agree with you more. Perhaps it’s because I’m from Australia where we already have sunshine and beaches but I’ve never understand why you’d go to some other country just to sit on the beach for a week.

    Grant, thanks for the link, I’ll take a look at your site. Thanks for stopping by.

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