Should you visit Rottnest Island for a day trip or overnight? No contest!

I'm very lucky to live near Rottnest Island - just a short ferry ride away from my hometown of Perth. I'm sure I'm lucky, because when my German husband first moved here he couldn't believe we had this amazing place just off the coast. Of course Germans are usually busy flying somewhere to be able … [Read more...]

Gold Coast accommodation, whale watching, that long beach and more: I’ve changed my tune!

On my last trip to Queensland a year ago (my first as an adult), I wrote about how it the Gold Coast wasn't really my favourite place. The Problogger conference took me back to the Gold Coast recently and I was determined to have an open mind about it - I figured fate was sending me back there for a … [Read more...]

Things to do in Tasmania with a toddler: Our itinerary and tips for 10 days in Tassie

Finding things to do in Tasmania with a toddler was a bit of a mystery when I was there a couple of years ago.  It turned out there were plenty of tourist attractions that were perfect for young kids but the internet didn't help me out much, so I wanted to put together a good itinerary post so if … [Read more...]

Feeding giraffes at Perth Zoo: Like travelling in your hometown

A couple of months ago I took my son to Perth Zoo on his fourth birthday for a bit of a treat. The funny thing was, this treat turned into a special experience for me too, with that same thrill I get from travelling. Perfect! Getting close to the animals at Perth Zoo Going to the zoo wasn't the … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Our itinerary and other tips

I've been meaning to wrap up my "Tasmania with a toddler" series for ages - and here it is. Before I went to Tasmania last year, and even while I was there, I was constantly googling phrases like "Tasmania with a toddler" to get some good advice on great places to take a small child, and I didn't … [Read more...]

Tasmania with a toddler: Hobart and Launceston

On our trip to Tasmania our focus was definitely more on nature and landscape than cities, and we just had a couple of half-days in Launceston (where we flew in and out of) and just one day in Hobart, the capital city. And we were glad we'd planned it that way, because we both felt ready to get out … [Read more...]