Culture Shock When You Get Home – Episode 139 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Reverse culture shock, or re-entry shock, or culture shock when you get home - whatever name you give it, it's often a problem we don't anticipate and it can hit you harder than you'd expect. Sure, it's a true privilege to have experienced other cultures and then return home and find it difficult … [Read more...]

Culture Shock in Your Home Country – Episode 81 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

For me, culture shock in my home country, Australia, happened like this: I was surprised (and somewhat confused) to be able to chat extensively with the checkout operators at the supermarket, after living in Germany where that rarely happens I was somewhat saddened (though I understand it … [Read more...]

Reverse Culture Shock – Episode 51 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

If you've experienced reverse culture shock before, you'll completely empathise with my guests today. If you haven't, you might think it's a sadness experienced by very lucky people who should get over themselves. I promise, having experienced it myself, it's not that simple. Yes, we're very … [Read more...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 12 – Culture Clash! Something’s Different Here

Discovering different cultures is one of the main reasons I love to travel, and I suspect that's the same for many of you as well. Tales of culture shock and cultural differences are at times entertaining, and at other times quite tricky to navigate, and we cover the whole gamut in this newest … [Read more...]

Rachel on reverse culture shock after China and how it changed her

In talking more about reverse culture shock - yes, one of my favourite topics, because it's just not talked about enough! - I'm continuing my interview series with teacher and blogger Rachel Elizabeth today. I came across her when she wrote an excellent post called How to Talk to the Repatriated - … [Read more...]

Tom’s saxophone and salsa strategies for coping with reverse culture shock

I love talking to fellow travellers who, like me, have had some difficulty fitting back into their home country after spending time abroad. In this post, I've got an interview with Tom Bourlet who proves what I've long thought, that reverse culture shock can hit even if you're only away for a few … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock returning from China to Poland: Agness’ story

The next lovely lady in my series on reverse culture shock is Agness. Like Agata who moved to Italy, Agness is also originally Polish, and she spent a couple of years teaching in China and another year travelling around Asia before returning home to Poland - but unfortunately returning from China to … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock after study abroad: Jessie on returning from Australia

The next post in my occasional interview series with fellow travellers who've experienced reverse culture shock features a blogger I've known online for a few years now, and the thing that really interested me in Jessie's story is that she left my home country, Australia, and experienced reverse … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock: How Agata dealt with returning to Poland from Italy

I've always had a lot of people visiting the blog to talk about reverse culture shock: the problems they face when they return to their home country after spending time abroad, perhaps studying or working, or just travelling. I know it hit me pretty hard when I returned to Perth after more than five … [Read more...]

When people equate talking about travels to bragging or showing off

I've mentioned before that if I start a story with a sentence like "When I lived in Bratislava ..." that people sometimes have a giggle at me. Same goes for "When I was in Tunisia ..." or "When I was on the Trans-Siberian ..." As far as I can figure (and some of this figuring out comes from … [Read more...]