Anzac Day explainer, although it’s too complex for me to explain

Two things you need to know about me, before I attempt to explain Anzac Day: I'm a massive pacifist. War terrifies me. Anything that leaves people dead for no good reason makes me cry. And guns - oh dear. My son is six, that age where every young boy pretends to play with guns; it drives me … [Read more...]

Anzac Day 101: What to expect in Australia on April 25

I can't explain this, but although I'm a real anti-fan of war, I'm a big fan of Anzac Day. But of course, most of the world has no idea what Anzac Day is. A lot of people visiting Australia come across Anzac biscuits (I once posted an Anzac biscuit recipe) and I'll always remember telling my English … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Anzac tradition

When my alarm rang at 4.30am (on this, a day off from work) I didn't really feel like getting out of bed. But along with thousands of other presumably like-minded people, I decided in comparison to the sacrifices Australian soldiers have made, one morning without sleep was a small … [Read more...]