Jo Castro answers my questions on why we travel

Even the casual reader of Not A Ballerina will be fully aware that I think travel is a fantastically amazing thing to do and that every single person who has the opportunity should grab it and see the world. But instead of just hearing that over and over from me, I decided to ask a few other … [Read more...]

Beginning world traveller Laura plans her European trip

Remember Laura, the beginner-traveller I interviewed back in November? She's preparing to do some long-term travel and although last time we chatted, she was planning to head to Thailand first, her plans have changed and she sounds so excited about it that I just had to interview her again to find … [Read more...]

Just starting out on your world travels? So is Laura.

I get lots of mail from readers, but the vast majority of it falls into two categories: travellers who've got home and are experiencing reverse culture shock, and people at the other end of the spectrum - would-be travellers who are a bit nervous about up and leaving their normal comfort zone and … [Read more...]