Web pirouette: More travel writing than I thought

At my blogging course on the weekend, one of the participants asked me about the pirouette tag which seemed to have more posts attached to it than any other. Apart from explaining it was a great example of the "ballerina syndrome" (by which inexperienced bloggers choose "clever" titles which are … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Beaches, European cities and social networking

Yes, I've found an excuse to post another beach photograph from Rottnest Island. And the excuse is that recently I wrote up the Best Beaches in Europe for Europe a la Carte and the whole time I was writing it I felt like I was betraying my home country because, with all due apologies to Europe, … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Birthdays, beer and sleep

My 30th birthday with a "Radler" to drink in Germany Time for another round-up of my recent writing. And I'm starting off with a birthday theme, because it's all-pervasive here right now - about twenty babies I know celebrate their first birthday this month, and my birthday's getting close … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Dusseldorf, reverse culture shock and poetry

This past month I've been a busy beaver as usual, although not just with travel blogging. Just the same, here a few of my highlight publications over recent weeks:Most excitingly, I'm back writing for Vagabondish, one of my favourite travel sites of all. My first "comeback" article was a reprise on … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: From Scandinavia to Perth, Australia

So, here we are, quite unbelievably, half a month in to 2011 already! Before it's too late, let me round up some of my travel blogging work for the last month or two of 2010 - I was as busy as ever with my fingers at the keyboard and my mind drifting far and wide around the world - although lately … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Europe and Perth, both chocolate-free

As I look back at my recent web pirouette posts I see that they have involved chocolate, ice cream and chocolate. Totally unrepresentative of my true interests in life, I promise ... kind of. What I really love to write about is travelling in great places, and fortunately I have managed to do a bit … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Cathedrals, ice cream and The Big Issue

This blog's been a little quiet while I've been away travelling in Europe for a month - after all, a travel writing life can't be all writing, can it! I spent the time visiting all my in-laws in various parts of Germany and Switzerland, eating far too much and having a ball - although not exactly … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Winter hot chocolates and packing tips

Yep, it's time again for a quick round-up of some of my recent writing highlights: You might be surprised (or not ...) to see that chocolate features again - this time in the form of the hot chocolate you see above, to be had at the John Street Cafe in Cottesloe. Yum! If you're planning a … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Chocolate freckles and depresssing underground stations

I've been trying to keep warm through this chilly Perth winter by keeping my fingers hammering away at the keyboard. (And don't tell me Perth doesn't have a cold winter. It's definitely not that cold - although temperatures approach freezing at night - but our houses are only built for summer. That … [Read more...]

Web pirouette: Towns with cute names and the World Cup approaches

I've sure been busy this past month or two, but less with writing than with nurturing the new traveller. That even included getting his passport ready, because a passport is definitely what every new traveller needs! But do imagine trying to get passport office approved photos of a six week old baby … [Read more...]