Washing the dishes Australian-style

(UPDATE: There's now even MORE about the cultural differences of washing dishes to be read!) A simple enough question over at Multilingual Living this morning - it's about what kind of sponges and brushes you use to do the washing up - got me thinking about one unusual Australian habit that I've … [Read more...]

Multicultural madness

My new day job - teaching English to foreigners at St Mark's International College in Perth - not only pays the bills, but gives me plenty of inspiration. Just as I learned so much from my fantastic students back in Germany (and elsewhere!), spending my day with people of many nationalities ensures … [Read more...]

Tea for four: An Aussie demos Japan in Germany

Following the tradition of mixing cultures as much as possible (like the kendo exhibition of July) - and thanks to the fact that I'm muddled enough to try to keep up my Japanese language skills while I'm living in Germany - today saw four members of my language class (two Germans, a French woman and … [Read more...]