Should you visit Rottnest Island for a day trip or overnight? No contest!

I'm very lucky to live near Rottnest Island - just a short ferry ride away from my hometown of Perth. I'm sure I'm lucky, because when my German husband first moved here he couldn't believe we had this amazing place just off the coast. Of course Germans are usually busy flying somewhere to be able … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock after study abroad: Jessie on returning from Australia

The next post in my occasional interview series with fellow travellers who've experienced reverse culture shock features a blogger I've known online for a few years now, and the thing that really interested me in Jessie's story is that she left my home country, Australia, and experienced reverse … [Read more...]

Gold Coast accommodation, whale watching, that long beach and more: I’ve changed my tune!

On my last trip to Queensland a year ago (my first as an adult), I wrote about how it the Gold Coast wasn't really my favourite place. The Problogger conference took me back to the Gold Coast recently and I was determined to have an open mind about it - I figured fate was sending me back there for a … [Read more...]

Things to do in Tasmania with a toddler: Our itinerary and tips for 10 days in Tassie

Finding things to do in Tasmania with a toddler was a bit of a mystery when I was there a couple of years ago.  It turned out there were plenty of tourist attractions that were perfect for young kids but the internet didn't help me out much, so I wanted to put together a good itinerary post so if … [Read more...]

Feeding giraffes at Perth Zoo: Like travelling in your hometown

A couple of months ago I took my son to Perth Zoo on his fourth birthday for a bit of a treat. The funny thing was, this treat turned into a special experience for me too, with that same thrill I get from travelling. Perfect! Getting close to the animals at Perth Zoo Going to the zoo wasn't the … [Read more...]

The perfect weekend in Perth, my isolated but gorgeous hometown

Perth is the kind of city that lots of people ask about, but few actually end up visiting. Obviously, we are kind of isolated down here, but I'm sure that's why it's such a special place. To give you a taste, this post is all about how I recommend you spend a perfect weekend in Perth - and I hope I … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m from Perth, the most isolated city in the world

I was born in Perth, Western Australia, and lived here until I was 25, then returned in my 30s. It has changed a huge amount; I remember very well in my childhood that the brown AMP building you can see in this photo was the tallest one by far, but these days it's a dwarf. I will make myself sound … [Read more...]

Why travel: To inhale nature and listen to birds sing

I was a lucky girl this week. School holidays freed up our time a bit and we spent a couple of days down south of Perth, between Mandurah and Bunbury where my father lives. It's a place that is super-peaceful and it's such a lovely way to get out of the city - a necessary thing to do from time to … [Read more...]

Let me be honest: The Gold Coast didn’t really grab me

A precursor: Don't read this if you love the Gold Coast. It will only make you mad and we might not be friends any more. (Don't say I didn't warn you!) So, one of my other hats in life is to coach and consult on blogging and social media and with this in mind I headed over to the Problogger … [Read more...]

8 reasons I love Rottnest: Perth’s best nearcation

I'm taking part in The Lost Backpack's Blog Carnival today, and it's all about Nearcations - a holiday which doesn't take you too far from home, but still feels like a great getaway. Regular readers will know that I have raved about Rottnest Island a time or two before, and no wonder because it fits … [Read more...]