10 Thoughts I’m Thinking About Thoughtful Travel – Episode 110 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

One of my favourite podcasts, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, has a special episode every ten episodes, where they do something different. I suddenly realised that after Episode 90 was a special celebration of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast's two year anniversary, and Episode 100 was different just … [Read more...]

What is thoughtful travel?

I go on and on about thoughtful travel. I even have an entire podcast dedicated to it. But what really is it? Basically, I think being a thoughtful traveller means that you stop and think before, during and after a trip. It doesn't necessarily mean you change anything about how you travel - … [Read more...]

6 ways the internet has ruined the fun of travel

On my first overseas trip, aged 9, most people didn't even yet have a computer, let alone even imagine such a thing as the internet could ever exist. We were off to spend six months travelling around Europe in a campervan. My parents booked our initial accommodation in a budget London hotel by … [Read more...]