Why Travel: The Not A Ballerina epic list of reasons why everyone should travel

One of my big missions with Not A Ballerina is to convince everybody in the world that travel is good for them and good for the world. It all fits with my somewhat idealistic theory that if everybody was able to travel a fair bit, meet lots of different people and see lots of different cultures, then a whole lot of problems we have in the world would disappear – you know, bye-bye racism, wars, religious hate, etcetera etcetera. I guess it’s not entirely likely that I will change the whole world but even if I can get a few readers to start thinking more broadly, to travel more widely, to be more open and accepting of difference, and so on, then I would feel that all this work is extremely worthwhile.

Why travel - the big Not A Ballerina list of reasons to travel

Which leads me to this: the big Why Travel list. There are so, so many reasons why I think travel is beneficial, so many that I’m going to be blogging about them for years to come, I think. This list will start off being inspired by a bunch of other bloggers who’ve talked about reasons why they travel (list of inspiration sources is at the bottom) along with my own reasons to travel, and as time goes on I’ll be taking one of those reasons and looking into it in more detail, based on my own experiences and those of my readers. But the list isn’t set in stone – it will grow. And if you have any more reasons for my “Why Travel” list then email me or ask me over on the Not A Ballerina Facebook page. Thanks!


Why travel?

  1. To inhale nature and hear birds sing
  2. To break your normal at-home routine
  3. To meet someone from a different culture
  4. To practice a foreign language
  5. To have time to think
  6. To feel free of ties and boundaries
  7. To practice talking to new people
  8. To remember how lucky you are
  9. To see how other people tackle your problems
  10. To surprise your taste buds
  11. To learn more about geography
  12. To discover new interests and passions
  13. To create stories you can tell your grandchildren
  14. To feel young no matter what your age
  15. To face fears and overcome them
  16. To become more mature
  17. To tell others about your home country
  18. To gain confidence
  19. To feel unfettered happiness
  20. To relax properly
  21. To be grateful for what you have
  22. To spark your creativity
  23. To make history relevant
  24. To understand those who struggle to speak your language
  25. To break out of your comfort zone
  26. To stop thinking in stereotypes
  27. To embrace the art of getting lost
  28. To remember what it is to get a huge surprise
  29. To gather mementos to look at in your everyday life
  30. To understand the evening news better
  31. To do something you normally wouldn’t do
  32. To change the path of your life or career
  33. To learn to live with less
  34. To get used to your own company
  35. To become more flexible and adaptable
  36. To come face to face with things you’ve only seen in books or on TV
  37. To feel proud of a big achievement
  38. To live a life without regrets

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