Rachel on reverse culture shock after China and how it changed her

In talking more about reverse culture shock - yes, one of my favourite topics, because it's just not talked about enough! - I'm continuing my interview series with teacher and blogger Rachel Elizabeth today. I came across her when she wrote an excellent post called How to Talk to the Repatriated - … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock returning from China to Poland: Agness’ story

The next lovely lady in my series on reverse culture shock is Agness. Like Agata who moved to Italy, Agness is also originally Polish, and she spent a couple of years teaching in China and another year travelling around Asia before returning home to Poland - but unfortunately returning from China to … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock after study abroad: Jessie on returning from Australia

The next post in my occasional interview series with fellow travellers who've experienced reverse culture shock features a blogger I've known online for a few years now, and the thing that really interested me in Jessie's story is that she left my home country, Australia, and experienced reverse … [Read more...]

Reverse culture shock: How Agata dealt with returning to Poland from Italy

I've always had a lot of people visiting the blog to talk about reverse culture shock: the problems they face when they return to their home country after spending time abroad, perhaps studying or working, or just travelling. I know it hit me pretty hard when I returned to Perth after more than five … [Read more...]