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Travel daydreaming: Returning to Malaysia

During winter I often think about escaping to a more tropical zone - even though winter here in Perth really isn’t cold on a world scale (and as I type this, it’s a bright sunny day) - but I am definitely a summer person. It doesn’t help that we have south-east Asia right on our door step and a good … [Read more...]

Your travel favourites for the year – with a printable for you and your family

I find that the end of a year a really exciting time, so full of reflection and possibility. I think that because it also marks the end of the school year here in Australia, then we really embrace it as a time of finishings and beginnings. That's my excuse for my obsession with end-of-year stuff, … [Read more...]

Solo travel as a mother: An alternate reality trip to Bangkok

Everything changes when you have children. If you've been living and travelling across the world for years before you have children, then things change even more. And I've been thinking about that a lot this week. Heading to Bangkok on my own (kind of) Last week I spent five nights in Bangkok … [Read more...]

5 more funny mistakes foreigners make in Germany

Ah, Germany. The land of long lists of rules and home to 80 million devoted rule-followers. The rules are one of the reasons I love Germany, but as you may remember from last year's post on the 5 funniest mistakes foreigners make in Germany, the abundance of rules does lead to a high number of … [Read more...]

To Eurail through Europe or not … and why I’m so glad I did

Back when I was planning our trip to Europe this year, I was in two minds about how to do the German/Swiss side of the journey. It was clear that a rental car for Iceland was pretty essential, but for the continental side I was tossing up renting a car or taking the train. Both have pros and … [Read more...]