T-shirt travel: Stocking up in St Petersburg

It's (almost) a whole month since I last mentioned Russia, so here I go again. I actually remember very well when I bought this T-shirt, at a stall outside near the Peter & Paul Fortress in St Petersburg. After almost three weeks on the Trans-Siberian and without access to a washing machine in … [Read more...]

Travels with my mother … in Russia

This week was my mother's 70th birthday - happy birthday, to one of Not A Ballerina's most devoted readers! By coincidence, I have been writing pieces on Moscow and St Petersburg for one of my freelance jobs and as a result I've been (electronically) flipping through the photos of the trip my Mum … [Read more...]

My 7 links: Re-imagining old posts thanks to TripBase

A travel blogging friend of mine, Sophie, has just nominated me (thank you!) to take part in the My 7 Links endeavour from TripBase, which means, in plain English, that I get to tell you about seven blog posts of mine that are a bit special for various reasons. So, without further ado, sit back … [Read more...]

Travels with friends: No penguins in Ireland

So, time again for me to indulge in some vicarious travel with one of my semi-regular Travels with friends posts. It's the next best thing to travelling myself! No penguins in Ireland or Moscow Regular readers will know that recent trips by various friends of mine have involved penguins. Alas, … [Read more...]

Homestaying in St Petersburg with Valentina

In the kitchen at our homestay in St Petersburg, RussiaBoth times I've been to Russia, I used homestay services for my accommodation - I've actually never set foot inside a Russian hotel! People often ask me about it and I've been reminiscing about probably my favourite one - staying with the … [Read more...]

Name your favourite building: Mine’s in Moscow

Looking through my pictures of Tunisia recently got me thinking about architecture. I'm certainly no educated architect and don't even have much appreciation of different building styles (but I do have a construction engineer for a husband so I've always got someone to ask when I want to know!). I'm … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: Hairy landing in Vladivostok

I actually didn't plan to go to Vladivostok - as much as I wanted to, since I'd always loved the city's name and could remember singing about it in the Skyhooks song Jukebox in Siberia - if you haven't had the pleasure (and can ignore the fact that Vladivostok isn't actually in Siberia), the chorus … [Read more...]

The Moscow airport bombing and the dangers of travelling …

I always feel a bit sick when I hear of disasters or attacks or something awful happening in places where I've been, and this morning's news of the suicide bombing at Domodedovo airport in Moscow is no exception. On my second trip to Russia, when I took my mother along, we flew into Domodedovo from … [Read more...]