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Jo Castro answers my questions on why we travel

Even the casual reader of Not A Ballerina will be fully aware that I think travel is a fantastically amazing thing to do and that every single person who has the opportunity should grab it and see the world. But instead of just hearing that over and over from me, I decided to ask a few other … [Read more...]

Cross Cultural Kids – Episode 85 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

It's been happening for decades but I'm sure it's more common than ever before: third culture kids (TCK) or cross cultural kids who grow up somewhere away from where there parents consider home and end up being quite multicultural in their thinking. I'm fascinated by the idea and having taught … [Read more...]

First Solo Adventures – Episode 74 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Hands up if you love solo travel? Not everybody does, though I firmly believe that everybody should try it at least once, just to see if it truly suits them or not. There are pros and cons which we've talked about in previous episodes (like the one on solo travel tips) but there are, of course, pros … [Read more...]

Growing Up in Different Cultures – Episode 70 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

If you love The Thoughtful Travel Podcast - help us out by reviewing it on iTunes - thanks in advance! Kids are sponges and so capable of learning immense amounts from travelling around the world - and living in different places too. I sometimes think my son will have a "too stable" childhood - … [Read more...]

Exploring Western Australia – Episode 67 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

My home state of Western Australia is one of those places that is extra special because it's really far from everywhere. While I (fairly often) complain about it being a long distance to get to "the rest of the world" from WA, I realise that this is probably one of the main reasons it's so … [Read more...]

Travel genetics – how your parents influence your love of travel

I often think about how I got so addicted to travelling. (Because let's face it - life would be a lot cheaper and easier without travel - although a whole lot more boring, too!) As with pretty much any tricky thing in life, I think a common strategy is to blame your parents. And I think I can … [Read more...]

On being a travel blogger and how I write

I'm part of a "blog hop" about how I write, thanks to the lovely Leyla at Women on the Road. Since I always explain that my route into blogging and social media all came about because I wanted to be a writer, I thought this was an interesting one to take part in! If you've heard me talk about … [Read more...]

6 great things about travelling childless (when you usually don’t get to)

I've always rather liked travelling solo, even though I haven't done it nearly as much as I would have liked, but since my son arrived three and a half years ago I haven't had the chance to do it at all. Heck, I barely get the chance to go to the shopping centre by myself, let alone hop on a plane! … [Read more...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast Episodes

Here's a full list of episodes of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast. … [Read more...]

Travelling to meet online people offline and taking my travel blog to the Gold Coast for Problogger

I get to travel again next week - yippee! - although it's only a quick trip, over to the Gold Coast in Queensland, the other side of Australia, to attend the Problogger conference. I haven't been to the Gold Coast since I was twelve and then it was an extremely quick look. I won't have much time to … [Read more...]