On blogging: My blog inspires me every single day

Fellow Aussies of around my age might remember these posters pinned up in high school classrooms back in the day. In a centre circle it said “Do you enjoy, or are you good at …?” followed by a subject name. The maths poster then listed all kinds of jobs around the circle which you might be able to do if you enjoyed or were good at maths; another coloured poster had a different set of potential careers for those who liked English, or science, or languages. (Amazingly, I’ve found they still exist, in case you’re curious.)

Nowhere on these posters did the job “blogger” appear. Nowhere. (Even in the current version!)

And yet, my blog is now the centre of my work (and, apart from my son, pretty much the centre of my universe, too!).

How my blog inspires me

With the Problogger conference coming up this week (another trip to the Gold Coast for me and I absolutely can’t wait to catch up with so many amazing bloggers all in one place, always such a pleasure!), there’s a competition going to talk about your blog and inspiration. Rather than describe why I was inspired to blog – because eleven years ago when I started, I really didn’t have much of a clue what a blog was – I want to talk about how my blog inspires me.

Honestly, my blog is like a person in my life. And in fact, this blog has stuck around longer than nearly anything else: I’ve been blogging longer than any other kind of job I’ve hard; longer than any place I’ve lived in; longer than any relationship I’ve had.

My blog has actually inspired me to believe in a whole new range of things I can do in life, and it’s changed my life completely and utterly. This slideshow (thanks to the rather cool Shoebox Timeline) shows just a few of these ways that my blog inspires me.

Really, those key things are only the start. I’ve just spent the weekend with two travel blogging friends, one of whom I met in Bangkok last year and who came all the way from San Diego to visit us: this chance to develop friendships with such like-minded people is an amazing bonus of my blog. Getting emails from readers who have been braver about travelling because they read my blog or listened to my podcast is another awe-inspiring outcome. I could write an entire book about how much my blog has inspired me to be different and live differently.

As I say in the slideshow, thank you, dear blog. And if any of you have been wavering in your decision over whether or not to start a blog: I absolutely say go for it. It might just be life-changing.

My blog is my inspiration


  1. Hurrah! We made it into this post. I love that pic of us in Bangkok x

  2. I love this! It’s fun, cute and true all rolled up into a bite of happiness

  3. Love your slide show Amanda, it made me laugh and ponder too!

  4. Congrats on your entry being a finalist!!!
    Look forward to being there when the winner is announced!!! 😀

  5. Kristy Morton says

    Love this post! And well done on being a finalist x

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