The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 12 – Culture Clash! Something’s Different Here

Discovering different cultures is one of the main reasons I love to travel, and I suspect that’s the same for many of you as well. Tales of culture shock and cultural differences are at times entertaining, and at other times quite tricky to navigate, and we cover the whole gamut in this newest episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast.

In the podcast I tell me tale of the culture shock I experienced when I first arrived in Japan (in my defence, we’d flown all night, and moved from winter in Australia to a very humid summer day in Japan, and … ). But anyway, as you’d know, I ended up falling completely in love with Japan so the clear message is that cultural differences shouldn’t affect your impression of a place forever – although I guess some do … If you’ve got some curious tales of cultural clashes of your own, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Show notes for Episode 12 – Culture Clash! Something’s Different Here

Cultural differences make our travels so much more interesting (if somewhat complicated at times!). In Episode 12 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, we are talking about culture clash, and the differences we find when we travel abroad.

Stephen Henson has spent many years travelling back and forth to China, as well as doing business there, and has many tales to tell – today’s stories about the value of luxury and the importance of appearances in modern-day China are fascinating.

After this I speak to Adam Beck of Bilingual Monkeys about his experiences both on arrival in Japan some twenty years ago, and more recently when he has the experience of reverse culture shock when he visits his home country.

Finally, I chat with fellow Australian Mike Campbell, who is spending a year housesitting his way around the United States with his family. He’s particularly shocked by one particular cultural difference between the US and Australia and I have to say I agree with him!


Episode 12 - Culture Shock - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


  1. Hi Amanda, what a big topic! and so many stories! i also lived in Japan for a while – working for a Japanese company up in Hokkaido. How about the office end of year / New Year’s party that started with a public bath (men and women separate), or the thing where you can’t fill up your own glass when you are dinning with a group of people, but you always have to make sure your boss’s glass is not empty (stress!). Good times.

    • Thanks Sally and yes, in Japan especially there are SO many little “rules” to learn! Hokkaido would have been a great place to live, I visited for a week or so and loved it!

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