Tigers in Denmark … one day

My lovely friend I-Lyn recently returned from a trip to Denmark (amongst other delicious places) and as I looked (enviously) through her photos on Facebook, I came across one with a tiger passing in front of her car. Yes, go back and read that again, she was in Denmark, northern Europe, not on safari in Africa. So how cool is this: there is a safari park in Denmark that looks just divine and I am adding it to my places I’d like to go list immediately!

The place she visited is Knuthenborg Safari Park near Maribo in southern Denmark. When I went online to investigate it I fell a little bit more in love because I read this as their opening statement on why we should visit:

The whole family will experience a day to remember. A day free from meaningless kitsch and plastic.

Giraffes in Knuthenborg Safari Park

I wonder if it’s true because I don’t remember ever visiting any animal-related park that didn’t sell a bunch of animal toys in the gift shop on the way out. But anyway, you can drive and/or walk through various parts of the park and as well as having tigers cross in front of your car you’ll see giraffe families (you know I love giraffes and look how lovely this family looks!), zebras, rhinos and all their African friends; apparently they also have an Australian bit with kangaroos and emus – I wonder how all these animals cope in winter. Anyway, although visiting Africa properly is still a big goal of mine, Denmark is certainly a lot closer to Germany (where, by necessity of in-laws, I travel often) so this might be a good first step.

Big thanks to I-Lyn for the cool photos!


  1. Oh – I have been there. It’s lovely. And yes – there is plastic stuff and kitcsh stuff in the gift shop.

    Take care.

  2. Wow! I’ve been to safari parks, but never ones with dangerous animals like lions and tigers. They usually just have giraffes and stuff like that!

  3. that does sound impressive! oh and Denmark was already on my wish list too!

  4. @ AFW – that’s so funny – but not surprising! Did you bring home any plastic stuff??!

    @ Dina – good point – I hope the tigers are well-fed.

    @ Rach – another reason to go! I’m guessing your wish list is pretty long though, like mine.

  5. So funny. My first thought was exactly the same as yours – how do these animals survive the winter!

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