Ice fishing fail in northern Finland

I’ve mentioned that my trip to Finland was one of my all-time favourites but I’ve been remiss about sharing the highlights here on the blog. So, using the very tenuous (but true) link of planning to have fish for dinner and therefore thinking about my ice fishing expedition in Finland, I decided to bring you my tale of Arctic Circle angling today.

Now, despite my grandfather working as a fisherman, and my father being a pretty good provider too, I don’t seem to have inherited any genetic disposition to fishing successfully. Doing it on a dark afternoon of the winter solstice up near Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle didn’t help me. Could I blame the cold? Could I blame the colourful probably-meant-for-children rod the tour company provided? Can fish even survive in water that cold? I don’t know what my excuse should be, but you can see me attempting ice fishing in the picture below, and the reason there’s no picture of my big catch is because there was no big catch. In fact, I must wonder if there ever is a catch because nobody in our group (of a dozen or more) caught anything and the guide had the foresight to bring sausages for the campfire.

But don’t let my failure to catch a fish put you off an ice fishing expedition in Finland. I still had a blast! Simple things like learning how to poke that big hole in the ice rather thrilled me (once I believed this wouldn’t make the ice crack completely) and the snowmobile riding (see top photo) was fantastic.The novelty value of all this happening in the dark at just two o’clock in the afternoon can’t be underestimated either.

Obviously I’m from a climate without a tradition of ice fishing, but perhaps one of my readers can tell me: can you catch heaps if you go ice fishing? And what could we have been doing wrong?


  1. Cheers! says

    I bet that was gorgeous…and cold!

  2. Clarabel says

    Thank goodness for sausages!

    Sounds like an amazing experience even without a catch.

    Visiting from The Rewind @ Pink Fibro

  3. I’m cold just thinking about it. But what an experience!

    Stopping by from Rewind!

  4. mamabook says

    Wow! Gorgeous photos. And such an interesting travel destination.
    Visiting from rewind,

  5. ClaireyH says

    Marvelous photos and even though I hate the cold, I would love to try something so different.

    Thanks for the mini break, right here in my lounge room.

  6. Here Under the Rainbow says

    Visiting from Phoenix. Thanks for a blast of cold. Stopped to say hello from Fibro.

  7. I am from a northern suburb of Chicago. I don’t icefish but hear stories from the guys who do. I think you have to have beer…did you guys use beer? And viewing these icy pictures makes this not too warm of a spring day look pretty dang good. Thanks for reminding me it could be colder!

    From the Rewind

  8. Life In A Pink Fibro says

    Er – wow! Never having done anything as exciting as ice fishing, I am in awe of your actually being there. Who cares if you caught anything??

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  9. Thanks all for the lovely comments. It sure was cold but the Finnish know how to get you properly suited up so you don’t notice quite so much. Thank goodness! I think it was -20 C that day. Hmm, it’s almost 50 degrees warmer here now in Perth so I should stop complaining that it’s chilly!

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