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Perth Zoo: Gibbons, tigers and bears, oh my!

One of the most visited tourist attractions here in my lovely home town of Perth is the Perth Zoo - it's in a great location on the south side of the city centre and it's popular to take the ferry from the CBD over to the zoo. I may have a rather biased opinion because I've visited a dozen or so … [Read more...]

Perth: A city which installs its art gallery on the beach

If you've read anything I've written about Perth, you will probably have noticed I'm a big fan of Perth beaches. That's usually because they're quiet, unspoiled and simply beautiful. But sometimes it's because they're bustling and full of fun - like every March when Sculpture by the Sea comes to … [Read more...]

Flying to Perth for free (well, kind of free)

I'm a big fan of my hometown, Perth. But I have to admit that I'm a relatively recent convert. Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, arguably the most isolated city in the world, you kind of get the feeling that all you want to do is get out. And along with a significant majority of my friends, I … [Read more...]