Picture pirouette: The Kobe Luminarie is very pretty!

There are so many fond memories I have from my time in Japan that it will take me the next ten years to finish blogging about them. One fantastic event which I highly recommend is the Kobe Luminarie. Held in December (it pretty much coincides with Christmas, but kind of has nothing to do with it …), this display of lights runs for two weeks in the fabulous city of Kobe and was initially set up in 1995 as a commemoration of the terrible Kobe earthquake of that year.

During the Luminarie, the streets are closed so you wander with the (large but polite) crowds through all the various displays, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before or since. A must-see if you land in Japan in December, I’d say (and yes I realise you’ve just missed the boat, it being January – but now you can plan ahead for your end of year trip to Japan!).



  1. oh i remember going to something like that in tokyo also around christmas time. was beautiful and a little romantic (we were newlyweds at the time – everything was romantic back then!)

  2. Oh yes I vaguely remember those days of romantic travel …!! Having small boys around does take the shine off that but I guess we will be travelling through their eyes for a while now and at least they’ll be amazed, unjaded travellers.

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