Checkpoint Charlie’s going all capitalist

I’m a huge fan of Berlin – you might remember it’s tentatively my favourite European city – and that’s why this newspaper article caught my attention, and not in a positive way.

It describes how that fast food giant I don’t want to name is planning to move into a building next to the Checkpoint Charlie monument and reconstruction. Basically, that means that in the future if I took this photograph from a slightly different angle, there’d be golden arches in it. I don’t like that. It’s bad enough that right at Brandenburg Gate you can sit at the world’s most famous coffee chain (also not getting any more free advertising on my blog!) and stare at this historical monument; it’s great to have a place to sit and watch, but wouldn’t it be lovely if it was a quaint German-style coffee shop instead? I always try my best to boycott international chains when I’m travelling – unless I’m in their country of origin, when it seems somehow appropriate – and try the authentic local stuff instead. And I’d encourage you to do the same.



  1. Having visited the same place of the image last summer, what you tell me scares the “#)”# out of me. The burger store at the place now is bad enough in itself if not the evil redandyellow from Over There is going to occupy the place in the future.

  2. Absolutely agree with you, Geir. Ironically that article quoted some locals who were happy about it but I wonder how many people they had to ask before they found them. What’s wrong with a few good Wurst stands?!

  3. You cannot imagine how much I agree with you! When I was 19, my parents and I arrived in Berlin. (U.S. Army) Checkpoint Charlie was a few tanks facing each other across the “border” with the “wall” being only barbed wire at that point. I am a traveler and totally agree with your assessment of our “ugly American” virus…!

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