T-shirt travel: Into Australia’s red centre


I’m no compulsive collector of anything when I travel, but as I go about my daily life back home I have noticed recently that I have more than a couple of T-shirts I’ve bought on various trips. Often they’ve been bought less as souvenirs and more out of desperation for clean clothes on a backpacking trip with limited washing options, I admit, but nonetheless, I get a flashback to each trip every time I put on one of these shirts.

And if I get a flashback, then you get to hear about it too. This shirt is, I have to admit, no spring chicken – I can’t remember exactly when I travelled to Australia’s Northern Territory but it was before 2001 – perhaps 1999 or 2000. I spent a few days exploring Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) and the nearby Kata Tjuta (aka the Olgas). No T-shirt of classic icon Uluru for me – I went for Kata Tjuta. I can’t wait to go back to this area one day, because it’s truly unique – if you ever get there, be sure to fly into Yulara (the township near Uluru) if possible, because it’s quite incredible to be flying over vast deserts of nothing and then suddenly find the famous shape of Uluru coming into vision.
And if I may make a plug for not climbing the rock – please don’t climb it. The traditional owners prefer us not to. I figure they’ve been good enough not to make a big drama out of it, and they still allow us on to their land, plus they have good reasons, so we should respect their wishes.


  1. Thanks for that link – I didn’t know and now I do 🙂

  2. Was googling Uluru and stumbled across your blog. I intend to travel there soon and am happy you recommend that people don’t climb it. 🙂 it’s a part of sustainable travel (not leaving a negative mark on local communities)

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