Keeping an interest log

Keeping an interest log, and what I’ve learnt about myself from travelling

Have you ever sat down and thought about all the different things you're really, truly interested in? I'm guessing you're interested in some (or many) aspects of travel, for example, or you probably wouldn't be reading my blog. But what are the unique combination of interests that make you who you … [Read More...]

What I have learned from four different homes abroad

Four different homes abroad and what I’ve learnt from them

I'm not a massive fan of moving house. (I mean, really, who is? It's a lot of work!) However, I have moved plenty of times in my life and in particular, I have had four different homes abroad - two different flats in Japan, one in Slovakia and one in Germany. When I read a recent Kiki and Tea post … [Read More...]

How to be the perfect house guest from abroad feature

7 characteristics of the perfect house guest from abroad

When I travel, I absolutely love to stay with people I know in various parts of the world. It's such a different experience from being in your own accommodation. You get to really see how the locals … [Read More...]

Send my blog a postcard for its 10th birthday - Not A Ballerina

Send my blog a postcard to wish it a happy 10th birthday

The actual 10th birthday of Not A Ballerina is drawing ever nearer: next month is birthday month (and the exact anniversary of my rather pitiful first post is 28th June). As part of the blog's … [Read More...]

How travelling helps kids become confident feature

Travelling helps kids: my son’s Bali experience with shyness and confidence

Travelling helps kids for so many reasons, and our recent Bali trip was good for my son for a reason I really hadn't expected - it helped him gain confidence and act less shy. Yay for travel! How … [Read More...]

Showing travellers around Perth feature

Showing travellers around your region – meeting the locals

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - one of my absolute favourite ways of travelling is to stay with some locals and learn all about how they go about their daily lives. Figuring out the … [Read More...]

Young travellers

Five years of travel for my favourite young traveller

My wonderful little man turns five this week, and it seems like a good time to reflect on his travels over the first five years of his life, in happy combination with Instagram Travel Thursday. I'm … [Read More...]

Wanderlust Travel Linky April 2015

Wanderlust Travel Linkup for April, and a brief history of Western Australia

April? APRIL! March has positively soared past here because we've been entering a totally fabulous visitor from Canada (more on her soon) which has meant I've been figuring out which parts of my home … [Read More...]

#mylocalworld photo challenge for Not A Ballerina

#mylocalworld – discovering how other people’s everyday worlds look

The celebrations for Not A Ballerina's tenth birthday continue and for April, I'm holding a photo-a-day challenge - #mylocalworld. The idea is that readers and followers from all around the world … [Read More...]