My first travel journal entries – a trip to Kalbarri, aged 8

Did you keep a travel journal (or just an everyday diary) when you were a child? I have various diaries and journals from many times of my life and I actually love looking back on them - most often because they make me laugh, but they're also a great way to remind me of forgotten events of the past, … [Read More...]

My lifelong interest in Jakarta

I've never been to Jakarta, but here's the story of why I've always wanted to go. I bet you have your own list of places to visit from the same random kind of connections, too. So, moving house has turned up so much fascinating memorabilia, and among this is a box full of my all-time favourite … [Read More...]

What I miss most about Japan

I moved house this week, which caused me to look through a whole lot of boxes of journals, souvenirs and photo albums. (I'm a little bit of a hoarder.) Being homesick for Japan A huge proportion of … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 21 – Pros and Cons of the Internet for Travellers

Life without the internet - now that we've experienced it - would be a weird kind of life. You wouldn't read this blog or listen to this podcast, among other things (and that would be tragic, … [Read More...]

Embracing Germany on a low budget

Some friends just came back from Berlin and they reminded me that it's insanely cheap to eat out there - especially compared to the exorbitantly high prices we have here in Perth. And in fact, there … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 20 – English Names, Widows and PNG in the 1950s

It's funny how, when you're producing something weekly and you just keep plodding along, you can very quickly start reaching big numbers, like 20. Big to me, anyway, to think that this is the 20th … [Read More...]

Thailand, elephants and combining them right

I've been meaning to write about Thailand, and elephants, for the longest time, but this week I got to interview my lovely friend Diana of DTravelsRound for the podcast and of course I asked her to … [Read More...]

Travel daydreaming: Returning to Malaysia

During winter I often think about escaping to a more tropical zone - even though winter here in Perth really isn’t cold on a world scale (and as I type this, it’s a bright sunny day) - but I am … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 19 – Travelling with Kids is Good for Everyone

You do not want to try telling me that it's a waste of time to take kids travelling. (You don't want to tell my first guest this either, because she has just as strong opinions as I do!) I'm totally … [Read More...]