#mylocalworld photo challenge for Not A Ballerina

#mylocalworld – discovering how other people’s everyday worlds look

The celebrations for Not A Ballerina's tenth birthday continue and for April, I'm holding a photo-a-day challenge - #mylocalworld. The idea is that readers and followers from all around the world can share an image a day during April, following the topics below, so that we can all build up a … [Read More...]

Airpocket by Trish Smith

My new friend Trish, her travels, and her Airpocket

I do love the internet for so, so many reasons. Just recently on Facebook, a friend in Canberra mentioned her friend Trish was about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to produce this new thing called an Airpocket. She described it briefly - it's a small but special carry-on bag for the plane that … [Read More...]

Travel for the anxious

Travel for the anxious and anxiety prone: How travel changed my life

I regularly get emails from people who are worried about travelling, but many of these people are just nervous because of their lack of experience. But travel for the anxious - the more clinically … [Read More...]

Memories of Japan and a review of Halfway Home by Christine Mari Inzer

Sentimental memories of Japan, and Halfway Home by Christine Mari Inzer

A book about Japan? A really cute book with drawings and comics about Japan, drawn by a teenager? I am totally in! As soon as I heard about Halfway Home: Drawing My Way Through Japan by Christine Mari … [Read More...]

Our packing list for Bali, and Jack the bear shows off our new Paklite luggage

Packing list for Bali or Penang or pretty much any tropical destination – and my new luggage

I have to warn you: I'm a pretty light packer. I've done a lot of independent travel which requires me being responsible for lugging my stuff around all the time and that taught me to be pretty frugal … [Read More...]

Berlin museums for kids

Berlin museums for kids – planning my 2015 trip to Germany, with help

I'm busily planning for our next trip to Europe in the middle of this year, and I'm very excited that it will include a chance to return to Berlin, one of my all-time favourite cities (potentially my … [Read More...]

Armchair travel Review of Njinga by Kate

Travelling in Africa: Armchair travel giveaway of Njinga by Kate Leeming

I first heard of Kate Leeming's African adventure via an email from my mother. She told me she'd seen an interview with Kate on TV and was sure I'd love her story. As many of you will know: mothers … [Read More...]

Should experienced travellers go to Bali

Should experienced travellers go to Bali? A note from my own experience

Bail is one of the most popular destinations for Australian holiday-makers, and especially for people from Perth (my hometown) because it's basically the shortest flight you can take to get anywhere … [Read More...]

Armchair travel books giveaway

Armchair travel – great books and a month of birthday giveaways at Not A Ballerina

Most of us, unfortunately, can't travel all the time. (And honestly, I don't think I want to travel all the time - although a bit more often would be good!) However, a pretty decent substitute for … [Read More...]