Travellers on why they love their travel journals

For years, I kind of assumed that I was unusual for keeping a travel diary. Whether or not my fellow travellers kept a journal was something that just never came up for discussion, and since I had long wanted to be a writer and that was one of the reasons I kept a travel journal, I just thought that … [Read More...]

Your travel favourites for the year – with a printable for you and your family

I find that the end of a year a really exciting time, so full of reflection and possibility. I think that because it also marks the end of the school year here in Australia, then we really embrace it as a time of finishings and beginnings. That's my excuse for my obsession with end-of-year stuff, … [Read More...]

Review: Scrubba Wash Bag (and lamenting Iceland’s lack of laundromats)

This really is a post about the Scrubba Wash Bag. But first, let me tell you a quick* story about dirty clothes, travelling, and marital harmony. (*actually, now that I've written it, it's not that … [Read More...]

Iceland. Iceland! I can’t stop talking about Iceland.

I owe everyone who knows me in person, everyone who follows me on Facebook, and everyone who reads the blog, an apology. I realise that I can't stop talking about Iceland. I hear myself bring it up … [Read More...]

Apologies to England (and help me find places to visit, please)

I'm sorry, England. I haven't spent much time in you as an adult. Sometime soon I will fix this. But I have my reasons (excuses?). Reasons I have barely visited England Firstly, I had long … [Read More...]

6 ways the internet has ruined the fun of travel

On my first overseas trip, aged 9, most people didn't even yet have a computer, let alone even imagine such a thing as the internet could ever exist. We were off to spend six months travelling … [Read More...]

5 things I didn’t expect in Bangkok (and 3 I did)

Apparently, it's the year of surprises. Having travelled to a few Asian cities before, I had some fairly set expectations for Bangkok. Crazy busy chaos was basically what I thought awaited me - … [Read More...]

German books for children: How can I teach my kids German?

I really want my son to be able to speak German. Here I am, an Australian living in Australia, but married to a German, and being able to speak pretty fluent German myself. Some of these things are … [Read More...]

Home away from home: Travel Photo Roulette #115

I was a winner this week! Well, the coffee maker pictured below, who I spotted at the Chatuchak Markets in Bangkok recently, was really the winner - I entered this photo in the travel bloggers' … [Read More...]