The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 15 – Travel Builds Confidence, So Do It!

The very first story I ever told on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast (way back in Episode 0) was a tale of a very important (yet seemingly random) moment in my travelling life when I realised that travelling had given me a massive confidence boost. This confidence is something that infiltrates into all … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 14 – Feel the Fear and Travel Anyway

Why do we always want to talk about the scary experiences we've had on our travels? I think that basically we're all proud of having overcome confronting situations in foreign countries (I know I am!) and it's these situations that have taught us more about ourselves and the world than many other … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 13 – Taking it Slow: Travelling to Feel Like a Local

Slow travel has become quite the catch phrase in travel circles of late, and although it's something that I think quite a lot of people have recognised and practiced for many years, a bit of research … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 12 – Culture Clash! Something’s Different Here

Discovering different cultures is one of the main reasons I love to travel, and I suspect that's the same for many of you as well. Tales of culture shock and cultural differences are at times … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 11 – The Magic of Getting Lost

Hands up if you've ever got lost while you're travelling! I'm pretty sure 99.9% of you just raised your hands. I would definitely have to raise more hands than I had to represent how many times … [Read More...]

7 benefits of travel that research actually proves (in case you need a reason)

Is travel good for you? I have ZERO doubt that travel is GREAT for you! But being an old academic at heart (little known fact: one of my previous lives was as a university lecturer and I have half … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 10: How to Cope in Another Language

Figuring out how to communicate in a language you just don't speak can be both stressful and hilarious when we travel. Personally I usually find it hilarious, but there are certainly some times when … [Read More...]

Confession: I do keep count of the countries I’ve visited

I've been to 43 countries so far. Yes, I know the number off the top of my head because yes, I'm almost a little ashamed to say, I do keep count of how many countries I've visited. I know that a real … [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 9 – The Story’s in the Scary Bits

When my podcast guests and I start planning what we're going to talk about on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I show them a list of potential topics and do you know what the most popular choice of all … [Read More...]