6 reasons we loved Legoland Germany

6 reasons we loved Legoland Germany SO much

If, like me, you are the parent of a child (especially, but not only, a boy) between the ages of four and ten, then you probably know the pain of standing barefoot on a stray Lego piece as you walk into the living room. So, think about the extreme level of that pain. Now think about the absolute … [Read More...]

To Eurail through Europe or not

To Eurail through Europe or not … and why I’m so glad I did

Back when I was planning our trip to Europe this year, I was in two minds about how to do the German/Swiss side of the journey. It was clear that a rental car for Iceland was pretty essential, but for the continental side I was tossing up renting a car or taking the train. Both have pros and … [Read More...]

South Island itinerary - New Zealand with kids in a campervan

Kristy’s itinerary for the South Island of New Zealand with kids in a campervan

Recently I shared my friend Kristy's fantastic tips and tricks for campervanning around New Zealand with kids in a campervan - and as promised, here's the itinerary and highlights that Kristy and her … [Read More...]

7 things I didn't expect in Iceland

7 things I didn’t expect in Iceland (and 3 I did)

Iceland blew me away. I knew it'd be different somehow, but it surpassed my expectations and I know it's a place I'll return to someday, even though it seems to be the opposite end of the earth … [Read More...]

Visiting Slovenia

Why visiting Slovenia should be on your travel wish list

I spent a few days in the small country of Slovenia about a decade ago. I was based largely in the capital, Ljubljana, with some countryside excursions, but from what I saw, I knew that it was a … [Read More...]

ESL books for students in Australia

Learning English in Australia: ESL books that sound like we do

Before my son was born, I taught English as a second language (ESL) for almost a decade, mostly to adults. It's the job that took me to Japan, Slovakia and Germany before returning to Perth to teach … [Read More...]

German books for preschoolers - Ich hab einen Freund

German books for preschoolers: Our favourite “Ich hab einen Freund …” Bücher

As a non-native speaker living outside of Germany, it's not easy to find good German books for kids. And as my son gets older, his book requirements change and it just gets trickier! Now that he's a … [Read More...]

mylocalworld Instagram photo challenge July 2015

#mylocalworld Instagram challenge for July 2015

Back in April, a bunch of Not A Ballerina readers gathered around on Instagram and Facebook and shared a picture a day which illustrated some aspect of their local world. We had pictures from the … [Read More...]

Happy 10th birthday - Not a Ballerina's blog anniversary

Happy 10th birthday to Not A Ballerina! It’s my blog anniversary!

Well, here we are: the blog is turning ten. I've been blogging here for a whole decade! In past years I've celebrated my blog's birthday with cake (and quite often, by forgetting to celebrate the … [Read More...]