6 ways the internet has ruined the fun of travel

On my first overseas trip, aged 9, most people didn't even yet have a computer, let alone even imagine such a thing as the internet could ever exist. We were off to spend six months travelling around Europe in a campervan. My parents booked our initial accommodation in a budget London hotel by … [Read More...]

5 things I didn’t expect in Bangkok (and 3 I did)

Apparently, it's the year of surprises. Having travelled to a few Asian cities before, I had some fairly set expectations for Bangkok. Crazy busy chaos was basically what I thought awaited me - along with some delicious food and fun people. But just like Iceland did, Bangkok decided to serve … [Read More...]

German books for children: How can I teach my kids German?

I really want my son to be able to speak German. Here I am, an Australian living in Australia, but married to a German, and being able to speak pretty fluent German myself. Some of these things are … [Read More...]

Home away from home: Travel Photo Roulette #115

I was a winner this week! Well, the coffee maker pictured below, who I spotted at the Chatuchak Markets in Bangkok recently, was really the winner - I entered this photo in the travel bloggers' … [Read More...]

10 tips for your Iceland trip

I feel like every man and his dog has been to Iceland lately, but in reality that's just because I spend a lot of time seeking out people who want to talk about Iceland! If you haven't been, I hope … [Read More...]

Solo travel as a mother: An alternate reality trip to Bangkok

Everything changes when you have children. If you've been living and travelling across the world for years before you have children, then things change even more. And I've been thinking about that … [Read More...]

One green kayak and my small but growing sense of adventure

A few weeks ago, my husband came home saying that he had found a second-hand kayak he wanted to buy. Given that I had no clue he'd even been thinking of buying a kayak, it took me a while to come … [Read More...]

Why I’m not finished with Iceland yet

It's not just the hot dogs, not just the glaciers, not just the expansive, inspiring views. It's not even just the quirk of it all, or the fact that I listened to The Sugar Cubes before Björk went out … [Read More...]

Travel Journal School opens today!

Drum roll, folks ... my new online course Travel Journal School is now open for enrolments! Here are a few signs that Travel Journal School might be for you: you've abandoned writing in … [Read More...]