Travel Journal School opens today!

Drum roll, folks ... my new online course Travel Journal School is now open for enrolments! Here are a few signs that Travel Journal School might be for you: you've abandoned writing in your travel diary mid-trip you've felt annoyed that you have to spend your evening writing everything … [Read More...]

5 more funny mistakes foreigners make in Germany

Ah, Germany. The land of long lists of rules and home to 80 million devoted rule-followers. The rules are one of the reasons I love Germany, but as you may remember from last year's post on the 5 funniest mistakes foreigners make in Germany, the abundance of rules does lead to a high number of … [Read More...]

Sunset cliches: how to make your travel journal interesting enough to read again

(Edit: My online course Travel Journal School is currently open for enrolments - you might like it!) Ever written about a sunset in your travel journal? Chances are that you mentioned the … [Read More...]

A three-day London layover with jet-lagged kids: Our suggestions

Are you friends with jet lag? I am not, but sadly as I live in Western Australia there are many destinations where jet lag can hit badly, and flying long haul to Europe is one of those times. I … [Read More...]

Our southern Iceland itinerary: Tips for a week in Iceland

Keen to float amongst glaciers, walk under waterfalls and gaze at volcanos (hopefully not as they erupt)? Regular readers should guess straight away that I'm talking about the country I've most … [Read More...]

Travel journal confession: I totally resented my trip diary and never finished it!

(Edit: My online course Travel Journal School is currently open for enrolments - you might like it!)Oh, irony of ironies. Some of you may know I have run a travel writing for fun course here in Perth … [Read More...]

Moving to Thailand with kids, a year on: A second interview with Lalla and her family

Nearly a year ago I published an interview with Lalla, a friend of mine who had moved to Bangkok with her family (including kids aged 6 and 3). It turned out that the topic of moving to Thailand with … [Read More...]

Airbnb in Iceland, or accommodation to help you fall in love with Iceland even more deeply

Everyone’s been talking about Airbnb lately. Well, not quite everybody, because quite often when I told people we used Airbnb in Iceland they’ve replied with something like, “Oh yes, B and Bs are such … [Read More...]

6 reasons we loved Legoland Germany SO much

If, like me, you are the parent of a child (especially, but not only, a boy) between the ages of four and ten, then you probably know the pain of standing barefoot on a stray Lego piece as you walk … [Read More...]