Travel quotes on why we travel

9 travel quotes that remind us why we travel

In these days of social media, famous travel quotes seem to be everywhere. But if you keep an eye on them, a lot of them are the same old ones over and over again, and I think they stop being meaningful then. But looking at amazing words that writers, philosophers and more have written about travel … [Read More...]

Korean culture

All the stuff I’ve learnt about Korean culture

Last month at the library a book called "The birth of Korean cool" practically jumped into my hands off the "new and noteworthy" shelves. I have been fascinated with Korean culture from my very first encounter - I can't even quite explain why, but I find it so interesting that I just have to … [Read More...]

Organised tours of Europe feature - my thoughts

Organised tours of Europe and my concession that sometimes, some are OK

I have never been a tour kind of girl. In fact, I searched the whole archive of Not A Ballerina to find any mention of the (very few) short tours I've taken and the only one I found was an overnight … [Read More...]

How I'm celebrating my blog's tenth anniversary - Not A Ballerina

10 years of Not A Ballerina in 2015 – my plans to celebrate my blog anniversary

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to 2015 - the year that Not A Ballerina turns 10. I can't believe that this blog which I started without too much thought in my little flat in Heilbronn, Germany, … [Read More...]

Castledare Miniature Railway Perth for kids

Perth for kids: Fun at the Castledare Miniature Railway

Give me a four-year-old boy and I will say he is a train lover and I will always be right. Right? So when my husband heard about the Castledare … [Read More...]

Bali for beginners - a Perth girl goes to Bali, Indonesia for the first time

Bali for beginners: I’m a Perth girl who’s never been to Bali before

Here in the arguably-most-isolated city on earth, Perth, we are actually closer to Bali, Indonesia, than to the next Australian city. (I promise that's actually true: Bali is just over 2,600km … [Read More...]

Travel genetics - do your parents influence your love of travel

Travel genetics – how your parents influence your love of travel

I often think about how I got so addicted to travelling. (Because let's face it - life would be a lot cheaper and easier without travel - although a whole lot more boring, too!) As with pretty much … [Read More...]

Tim Leffel Lessons from living abroad as a teen feature

Guest post: 5 things my daughter is getting out of living abroad (whether she likes it or not)

It's pretty rare for me to feature a guest post here but when Tim Leffel contacted me I knew it'd be a good one. I've followed Tim's work for years and I know he has a lot of great ideas about living … [Read More...]

5 mistakes foreigners make in Germany

The funniest 5 mistakes foreigners make in Germany

Germany is a wonderful place to live and I thoroughly enjoyed my three years there: it's an organised place, they have great beer and long summer nights, they are experts at Christmas, and so much … [Read More...]