Castledare Miniature Railway Perth for kids

Perth for kids: Fun at the Castledare Miniature Railway

Give me a four-year-old boy and I will say he is a train lover and I will always be right. Right? So when my husband heard about the Castledare Miniature Railway from a colleague, I did agree that it sounded like a winner - but for once left it up to … [Read More...]

Bali for beginners - a Perth girl goes to Bali, Indonesia for the first time

Bali for beginners: I’m a Perth girl who’s never been to Bali before

Here in the arguably-most-isolated city on earth, Perth, we are actually closer to Bali, Indonesia, than to the next Australian city. (I promise that's actually true: Bali is just over 2,600km away, and Adelaide is nearly 2,700km from Perth. There is really very little of anything in … [Read More...]

Travel genetics - do your parents influence your love of travel

Travel genetics – how your parents influence your love of travel

I often think about how I got so addicted to travelling. (Because let's face it - life would be a lot cheaper and easier without travel - although a whole lot more boring, too!) As with pretty much … [Read More...]

5 mistakes foreigners make in Germany

The funniest 5 mistakes foreigners make in Germany

Germany is a wonderful place to live and I thoroughly enjoyed my three years there: it's an organised place, they have great beer and long summer nights, they are experts at Christmas, and so much … [Read More...]

Reverse culture shock after China

Rachel on reverse culture shock after China and how it changed her

In talking more about reverse culture shock - yes, one of my favourite topics, because it's just not talked about enough! - I'm continuing my interview series with teacher and blogger Rachel Elizabeth … [Read More...]

International friendships for kids

Sending gifts abroad to make international friendships for kids (and encourage that love of travel)

Last week, my son and I headed down to the local post office and sent a package to Canada. We had been preparing for that moment for a good week or so, and he knew from the map on our wall exactly … [Read More...]

The promise of Iceland - an interview with Kari Gislason

The promise of great hot dogs in Iceland: An interview with Kari Gislason

In (further!) preparation for my trip to Iceland next year, I've been reading all kinds of Iceland-related stuff, and most recently it was The Promise of Iceland, by Icelandic-Australian Kári … [Read More...]

Do you like green tea

Do you really like green tea? Lessons from Japan and meeting the locals

Everyone who knows me well in person knows that I like green tea. Some of my best friends (and yes, this is probably a criteria you need to satisfy to become one of my best friends) buy green tea … [Read More...]

Perth beaches in winter feature

Why I prefer Perth beaches in winter than summer

My hometown of Perth, Western Australia, has some pretty spectacular beaches, if I do say so myself. And with summer coming up here, a lot of people, both locals and tourists alike, start to focus on … [Read More...]